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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Digital Advertising

Retain a pro for your Google Adwords advertising campaign.  Without a pro managing bidding for keywords, their system tends to support the uninitiated in their inefficiencies causing them to pay more and get less.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Salesmanship

When customers ask questions, it usually means that they are close to buying.  Make sure 1) it’s easy for customers to ask questions, and 2) provide answers that lead to closing the sale.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Direct Mail

One way to find more prospects is to reverse search your mailing list. Many mailing lists can be analyzed according to demographic or profile. Once you know the profile, find other names that have the same profile and market to them.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Strategic Planning

A product advantage isn’t always about adding quality or features to the item itself. Often superior service or dependability adds value, such as ease of ordering, quick shipping, knowledgeable customer service people, etc.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Advertising

Most customers know only as much about your company as they knew on the first day they hired you because most businesses fail to update their customers about news & products. Develop a monthly/quarterly email to keep them up-to-date.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Search Engine Optimization

Looking for more search engine optimization. Don’t forget your photos.  Instead of uploading images to your website or listings as ‘photo1010.jpg,  rename them to a keyword from your business’ keyword list.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Guerrilla Marketing

Just read about this strategic idea…when a competitor gets a bad review, “like it”. Most likely the reviewer will see who liked his or her negative review, maybe learn more about your company and become a customer.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Advertising

Have a lengthy or complicated message to delivery online?  Consider sequencing 2-4 ads in a row so you can deliver your entire message one after another and maximize memorability.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – We’re moving today!!


Leo’s Daily Tip – I’m very excited to move into our new larger offices near Rittenhouse Square.  Here is a view from my office looking west.  Stop by and say hello! 
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