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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Strategic Planning

December is a time of planning. Definitely imagine the longer term, but for more realistic results, think of a shorter window of a year. What will your company look like in a year? What goals do you want to accomplish?

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Leo’s Daily Tip, Today On Social Media

It’s not about you (or your company) but are all your social media posts all about you? Do you think that is what followers want to see to become engaged and a more active part of your community? Look at posts through their eyes.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Advertising

Start strong because attention is short. Whether designing ad, video, press release, brochure…whatever. Get to the point fast. Then reinforce it.  Don’t waste time setting up the story, just get to it.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Email Marketing

Sending out marketing emails from your company. Don’t send them from your company.  Rather, put an actual person’s name as the sender. You’ll  get more engagement because people pay more attention to a name.

Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Digital Advertising

Back in the radio advertising days, a unique sound signature or noise helped attract attention and greatly improved the ability to remember your brand. Today in digital, use sound and music to trigger that memory too.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Social Media

We often hear clients say that their customers don’t use social media. Don’t just assume…ask customers if they use social media, which media,  how else do they research information/products, how do subordinates do research and more.

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Leo’s Daily Tip – Today, On Public Relations

Public relations and social media strengthen each other in marketing as both reinforce search keywords, produce findable content, enhance the potential to expand audiences, improve search scores and more.

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